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Toyohashi Museum of Natural History

The Toyohashi Museum of Natural History (TMNH), established in 1988 in Toyohashi City of the easternmost part of Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the municipal government, was the first natural history museum in the Prefecture. TMNH aims to improve our understanding of evolution of the earth and life as well as our natural world.

Regardless of age, all visitors are able to "enjoy" their visit: there is so much to do and see at TMNH. Visit informative exhibition halls featuring geology, paleontology (dinosaurs, ammonites, fossil vertebrates/invertebrates and others) and local natural history etc. Watch an exciting movie program at the Giant Screen Theater. Explore the Outdoor Dinosaur Land in front of the main entrance. Read a book in the museum's library. Participate in an educational programme and event!

Anything else? TMNH is characteristic locating in the Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park (generally called as "Nonhoi Park"). You must be excited to see both the museum's exhibitions and living animals / plants on display in the Park!!

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