Toyohashi Museum of Natural History


The museum undertakes three major fields of work:
educational programs, research activities, collection and storage of specimens.

Educational programs

Field StudyThe museum organizes a wide range of introductory programs including natural history lectures, field studies, and workshops. Lecture by the staff members are available upon request from municipal educational institutions. Beside the permanent exhibitions, special exhibition is offered once or twice a year. Newly arrived collections are exhibited occasionally.

  • Natural History Lectures (only in Japanese)
  • Field studies and Workshops (only in Japanese)
  • Temporary Exhibitions (only in Japanese)
  • Dynavision Theater (only in Japanese)
  • Special Exhibition (only in Japanese)

Research activities

The staff members have continued the research activities under the themes of "evolution of life," and "Nature of our Region." The products of the research are published annually as "Science Report of the Toyohashi Museum of Natural History." The staff members are also engaged in academic activities on their own specific fields.

Collection and storage of specimens

CollectionOne of the fundamental tasks of the museum is permanent taxonomical storage of specimens to respond to future requests for reference. The qualified research staff are responsible for further collection. The stored specimens can be referred to the series of "Miscellaneous Report of the Toyohashi Museum of Natural History."

CollectionType specimen (Fossils)

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