Toyohashi Museum of Natural History

Exhibition Halls

TMNH holds nine major exhibition halls.

The "Paleozoic Hall", "Mesozoic Hall" and "Cenozoic Hall" preceded by the "Introduction Hall" are chronologically arranged and paleontological displays are given by numbers of fine fossils and replicas as well as friendly hands-on items.

The "Edmontosaurus Hall" presents an impressive, original full-skeleton and a “mummy” dinosaur. Full-scale skeletons of Tyrannosaurs and Triceratops wait for visitors at the "Natural History Square".

Further, evolutionary exhibitions and exhibitions of the local natural history are made at the halls of the "Galapagos Islands Hall" and "Nature of Our Region", respectively.

The "Special Exhibition Hall" offers to show dynamic movies on natural history and is being grounds of Special Exhibition annually held in summer season.

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